FutureFund provides an easy way for parents to register their children online in a simple interface. All information is pulled together in one place in the admin providing a secure view to authorized personnel. View and update student’s name, grade, teacher, contact information, and purchases all in one place.

Custom Fields

While the online registration automatically includes fields for name, grade, teacher, and contact information, you aren’t limited to just these fields. Collect custom information from parents and students during registration to keep track of exactly what you need.

Waivers and Agreements

You know how important it is to collect and file important documents for field trips, events, and other school-related activities. Use FutureFund to have students and parents sign any waivers or agreements you need, and then store all these documents in one secure, convenient place.

Mobile Ready

Mobile usage is growing and with FutureFund, parents can easily register their students on their perferred device. We support registration on desktops/laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.