Online Directory

FutureFund’s online directory provides an easy way for parents to share and find contact information of other parents.

Update Anytime

Up-to-date contact information is vital for you to send important updates to parents, but it takes front office staff time and effort to find and update this information. FutureFund allows multiple parents of a student to log on and update their information. Their updates will reflect automatically in your records so you don’t skip a beat.


To help cover the cost of FutureFund, you have the ability to sell ad space to other companies. Knowing that FutureFund is used in a school environment, education-related sites may purchase ad space from you — giving you another powerful way to raise funds for your school.

Mobile Ready

While you may use FutureFund on a desktop device most of the time, you may commonly find yourself accessing it on a mobile device. The online directory works across devices, making it easy for you to view it on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Bulk Data Tools

When large batches of students change teachers each year, you need to be able to make bulk edits in your online directory. This once time-consuming process is now simple and efficient. Make bulk changes to students, teachers, and parents. Save time and keep your records updated — what’s not to love?