Apr 26

Admin Improvements

By Darian Shimy / Apr 26 2020


The Reconciliation Report has been promoted to a first class citizen in FutureFund and has it’s own section in the Store under Payouts.


This page will largely work the same, however, you will notice a few differences:

  • The date filter is no longer needed, we show all payouts filterable by fund.
  • Pagination is added to page.
  • The page performance is much faster. We store all payout information locally and can generate the reports instantly.
  • If there is an adjustment on the deposit, we will explain the reason for the adjustment. This will greatly help with reconciliation.

Store Categories

Store categories were moved from the sub-navigation of the Store section to the Setup section of the Store in the Advanced card (towards the bottom of the page).

Store Categories are also scoped to the school session allowing different categories in each school session. Previously they were scoped to the account level.

All Grade Support

Campaigns can be restricted to certain grades in registration. When a new grade was added, which many elementary schools do with TK, each registration section will need to be changed to include the new grade. Admins can select the All Grades option to include all grades instead of having to select each grade for each section.

All Grades


We’ve greatly improved the sorting experience on various pages. The drag handles are more responsive and the drop targets are larger allowing a more natural experience.



We’ve made some minor updates to the Reports in the store:

  • The ‘Registration Offline Payment Report’ is renamed to the ‘Offline Payment Report’ as it covers registration, store, and manual orders in FutureFund.
  • The back button preserved the last report settings.
  • The date selector for the reports have been a source of frustration. We’ve overhauled the report date selector

Report Updates

Interface Updates

  • You will notice some fine tuning on the interface giving an improved and consistent experience.
  • We’ve improve the back button functionality to retain filter settings.
  • We’ve made a number of performance optimizations to improve the page response time.

Note: The Admin improvements will be launching in the early May!