Apr 25

Email Improvements

By Darian Shimy / Apr 25 2020

FutureFund allows administrators to send emails to various groups based on their activity (purchases, memberships, volunteer positions, etc). We’ve added an Email section to the Settings in the Admin. This view will show sent emails.

Email List

The content of the email as well as the number of recipients can be viewed by clicking on the View button.

Email List

FutureFund administrators can send email to the following groups from within the Admin:

  • Send based on purchase history - Communicate with parents based on their purchase history.
  • Send based on corporate matching - Communicate with parents in the corporate matching program.
  • Send based on directory access - Communicate with parents with or without access to the directory.
  • Send to members - Communicate with members based on their membership level.
  • Send to volunteers - Communicate with volunteers by volunteer position.
  • (NEW) Send to all parents - Send email to all registered parents.

Note: The Email improvements will be launching in the early May!