Jan 09

FutureFund Domain Change

By FutureFund Support Team / Jan 09 2020

In June 2017 we switched the domain serving the FutureFund service from futurefundapp.com to futurefund.com. At that time, we encouraged our schools to change their links to the service. To help with the transition we provided a redirect. This redirect allowed the old links to continue to work as they do today without any noticeable change to the user.

On Feb 3rd, links using futurefundapp.com will be directed to an interstitial page notifying them of the domain change and providing a link to access the new domain. This change will be temporary.

On Feb 24th, we will disable the futurefundapp.com domain and links will no longer work as expected.

Links can easily be changed by changing futurefundapp.com to futurefund.com:

  • Old Link: https://school.futurefundapp.com/store
  • New Link: https://school.futurefund.com/store

Please review all links to the FutureFund service and make any adjustments necessary.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team at support@futurefund.com