Mar 31

Corporate Matching GA

By FutureFund Support Team / Mar 31 2019

FutureFund’s corporate matching program reached 1.0 and is dropping the beta tag. Here are some changes we’ve made to the program:

  • Corporate Matching Pages - We’ve included dedicated pages for each corporate matching workflow. This page shows detailed information on employer matching contact information, parent contact information, matching status, and activity log.
  • Parent Order Sharing - Orders are shared with other parents included in the registration session. We display a notice to the parent during registration letting them know about the change. This change only applies to new emails going forward. Previous emails will not be shared.
  • Store Orders - Store orders are included in the corporate matching program. Parents with an employer, can participate in the corporate matching program, regardless of where the order is placed.
  • Activity Log - Each corporate matching workflow tracks emails, status changes, and notes. This provides a single places to see all interaction with the parent regarding corporate matching.
  • Reminder Emails - Automatic reminder emails were removed. Through the beta period we learned they were interfering with other marketing programs schools were running. If the parent lost the first welcome email, the admin can manually send a reminder email. (See the next item: Workflow Messaging)
  • Workflow Messaging - We’ve extended email functionality to include the various workflow statuses of parents in the corporate matching program. Now it’s simple to send an email to parents in the corporate matching program.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our platform and incorporated much of feedback we received during the beta period. We hope you’ll consider enabling corporate matching for your school.