Aug 26

Important FutureFund Updates

By Darian Shimy / Aug 26 2018

We hope everyone had a great registration this year! We’ve been busy making small tweaks and improvements and are ready to roll them out. Here is a summary of the changes:

First and Last Names

We split the full name into first and last name when parents sign up for FutureFund. The single field was causing confusion when sorting reports when a middle name was included and when parents only included a first name.

Student and Parent Pages

We’ve added and/or updated a lot more information on the student page including:

  • Orders - All orders placed by either parent is visible when viewing the student, not just the initial order placed during registration. This should help tracking down missing orders.
  • Memberships - If the student has a membership, we’ll list it here.

Parent pages are new and accessible when viewing a student. These pages include similar information to the student pages including orders, volunteer positions, corporate matching, and membership information.

Campaign Updates

Donations show up to four donation amounts and allow purchasers to enter a custom amount by clicking the ‘Other’ button. There are cases when the ‘Other’ button should be hidden when collecting for specific membership levels. We’ve added an option to hide the ‘Other ‘ button in the campaign’s Advanced Settings.

We’ve added an option to collect the teachers’s name in Donation and Purchase campaigns appearing in the store. Teachers are managed in the Directory section. The teacher’s name will be included in exported reports and on receipts similarly to the student’s name. At this time, this option is limited to store orders. We place to offer add it to registration orders in a future release.


For Platform Accounts, we’ve added a detail page showing the available funds, pending funds, and much more. This view is available in Store > Setup, click the ‘View’ button next to the fund. Again, this is only available to Platform Accounts.

Report Changes

We’ve renamed the Export Purchases report to the Campaign Detail Report. In addition to being available in the sidebar of a campaign, we’ve added it to the Reports page with a nice summary for a single campaign.

The Payment Type Report was updated to include filtering by fund. This was previously not available on this report. The Credit Card Failed Reason section of the report is not filtered by fund since it is linked to the order.

The Donation Detail Report shows donations by grade and amount. When a campaign was limited to a grade or not associated with a student, there were a lot of zeros making the report hard to read. If a row has all zeros, we won’t display it. Makes the report much easier to read.

Teacher Emails

When teachers were added to FutureFund, we collected the name and email. We used the name in the directory for teacher-student assignments, however, we the email was never used. Since there is no reason for us to collect and store this information, we dropped the collection and storage of teacher emails.

Student Birthdates

Similar to teacher emails, student birthdates were collected and not used for processing. Since some schools are using the birthdate for campaigns such as the birthday board, we are not removing the field. Instead, we are moving the field and the data to a custom field linked to the student. If a school does not need the birthdate, they can simply delete the custom field. When the field is deleted, the collected data will be deleted as well. Once the field is deleted, it cannot be recovered.