Mar 05

Updates to the Export Purchases report

By Darian Shimy / Mar 05 2018

When viewing a campaign, the ‘Export Purchases’ link in the right sidebar created a CSV file with information pertaining to the purchases. This report had a few problems:

  1. The columns were determined by the campaign settings. Memberships exported different data than donations. This made aggregating multiple exports difficult.
  2. The student and parent information was only populated when the order was placed during registration.

The first one is easy. All reports will have the same columns irrespective of any campaign settings. The second is a little harder to solve. During a store purchase when a campaign has the ‘Associate the purchase or donation to a student’ option selected, Futurefund will attempt to find the most recent registration session based on the purchaser’s information. If one is found, we will populate the grade, teacher, dob, etc. If the student is not found, the name will be populated, however the other fields will be blank. Same is for the parents. We will attempt to find a match based on the purchaser’s information and populated the parent fields. The fields will be blank if no matching registration session is found. Remember, anyone can purchase from the store including a parent who did not register their students in FutureFund.

We typically don’t like to change reports in mid-year so we’ve kept the old report until the end of the school year. The new report is labeled with ‘New’ when the old report is labeled with ‘Classic’.


  • Student information is only exported when the ‘Associate the purchase or donation to a student’ option is selected in the campaign regardless of the presence of the data.
  • The ‘Associate the purchase or donation to a student’ option instructs the system to collect information. Although you can change the option at any time, doing so will not populate missing data. Disabling the option will not remove collected information on previous orders, however, when the option is not enabled, the data will not be exported.
  • The classic report will be removed July 1, 2018.