Mar 01

Store Categories Are Here

By Darian Shimy / Mar 01 2018

The online store is a great way to continue the fundraising efforts throughout the school year. A problem we’ve seen is when there are a high number of campaigns, the single storefront page is difficult to navigate.

Today, we are happy to introduce Store Categories. Store categories allow campaigns to be assigned to a category which is displayed on the left sidebar when one visits the store. For example, you can organize your campaigns by:

  • Fund (PTA, Ed Fund)
  • Program (Athletic Booster, Music Program, etc)
  • Function (Field Trips, School Supply Kits, etc)

Campaigns can be added to a store category and still appear in the storefront. This is a great way to show featured campaigns. Store categories are optional. If you only have a few items in your storefront, there really isn’t a need to use them. However, if you are running a few pages of campaigns, it’s time to get organized.

To manage store categories:

  • In the Admin, navigate to Store > Store Categories (New)
  • Add as many categories as needed
  • Then in the Store > Campaigns tab,
  • Click the View button next to the campaign
  • Click the Edit Advanced Settings button
  • In the Store Options section, select the appropriate store category


  • A campaign can belong to at most one category
  • Store categories without any campaigns are hidden in the store
  • Store categories are displayed in alphabetical order
  • Store categories are global for the account, they are not school session specific
  • The name of the store category supports translations
  • Campaigns can be manually sorted on the storefront and each store category page